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THINK OF THIS … WHAT IF YOU COULD GET PAID FOR GIVING AWAY PHONES TOO? Opportunities come in different forms. But, what is so special about UltraTech’s TruConnect Direct is that everyone wins. You succeed by helping others. And, the more you help, the more you succeed. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.  So Get A Phone FREE, Get a prepaid phone or Start your very own wireless business FREE or DO ALL THREE!

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Get Free Lifeline Phone & Service, Includes 3 GB of Monthly Data,  Unlimited Int`l Calling to Select Countries, Postal Code
It is Simple
1. Enter Your Zip/ Postal Code
2. Enter Your Email
Click APPLY NOW and complete app
SEND or UPLOAD Verification
THEN We’ll send you your phone in 5 to 10 working days

Everyone needs telecommunications services to stay connected. It’s critical for keeping a job, connecting with your family, and accessing emergency services. Lifeline is a government program that subsidizes phone service for low-income consumers, ensuring everyone can stay in touch. GET MORE INFO CLICK HERE 

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Plan

We offer a variety of programs to meet your needs, LIFELINE, PREPAID PHONES, and BRING YOUR PHONE. TruConnect is a nationwide wireless service provider that is committed to making your communication needs more flexible and affordable. We believe that affordable services should be available for everyone, so we offer Lifeline and Pay-As-You-Go, plans built for your life. Click here to choose the plan that’s right for you.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY TOO!



We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Ask yourself – is there any reason that I wouldn’t want to join in the excitement? The product is free, You can help people and you can be financially rewarded. Visit our site, click on JOIN ( FREE TO JOIN) and find the potential that is within you. FREE TRAINING, FREE WEBSITE.

TruConnect Direct promotes quality products and services and has years of experience serving its customers. By supporting communities of Independent Agents, the company is able to bring these products and services to an ever-growing number of valued customers

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